Dont give cyber criminals  the keys to your business

 Being accountable and responsible for IT security can be a challenge for any business owner, CEO or CFO.


Professional IT take the stress out of having to deal with constant new security threats through our Cloud Defence Service. 


We provide an all in one cloud based security service suite that will always keep you immune from the latest security threats.


How does the Cloud Defense Service work?


We provide a service which will pre-scan all internet based traffic prior to it reaching your computer systems. Through our centrally managed dashboard, we will be alerted to any infections or security breach prior to it reaching you.


This is a unique service offering which eliminates the need for end users having to install and maintain multiple products which often will slow your computers down and do a poor job of protecting you.


As part of our Standard Computer Support and Maintenance Service. Every user will receive the following at no additional cost. 


  • Anti-Virus Protection 

  • 24/7 monitoring of their computers 

  • Security patch updates

  • Email Security 

  • Spam protection

  • Malware protection

  • Internet security 

  • Website content filtering services


We also extend these services to protecting your servers and provide the following additional cover:


  •  Cloud Off-site backup

  • Server patching 

  • Backup monitoring