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Professional IT has been in business for 15 years, providing IT solutions and computer and support services to a variety of businesses


Our goal is to provide our customers with a service that makes them feel like they have their own internal IT department, but without the large cost normally associated with having an IT department.


We provide a total end to end IT solution. From the initial consultation, sale and installation of hardware and software through to after sale computer support and maintenace services,


our aim is to provide our customers an all inclusive service taking away the need for the business owner, CEO or CFO  having to wear the IT hat as well.  



Daniel Kolic

CEO and founder of Professional IT

About our CEO


Daniel Kolic began his Information Technology journey as a business programmer writing programs for major manufacturing industries.


Enjoying customer interaction, he quickly moved into a technical support role which evolved into a team leader, managing various support divisions.


Throughout his 20 years experience in the Information Technology sector, Daniel was heavily involved with the inception of thin client technology into the Australian market, working closely with Datapac Australasia who co-developed the Citrix platform.


He quickly realised the potential and value of Windows-based terminal systems and was among the first IT professionals supplying Winframe/Citrix thin client network solutions to various vertical markets.


He has worked closely with clients in the medical, manufacturing and service related industries, showing them new ways to utilise the advancements in technology to give them the competitive edge they required.


With the introduction of Windows-based thin client technology, it became very clear to me that remote connectivity was going to be a major part of how we did business in the future. Cloud computing is one example of this. Coupled with wireless, mobile and high-speed internet the ability for users to now access their information from any location has become a realistic reality”. 


Professional I.T.’s primary aim is to show business and their users how flexible and easy computing can be.


It’s about keeping it simple and safe so owners, management and staff don’t have to worry about their IT requirements”. Thanks to the technology available today sites can be supported remotely, more frequently and problems solved in a fraction of the time they used to”.




“Today more than ever, it is so important to get value for your money. At Professional IT we provide computing solutions that ensure you get the best computer hardware, software and most reliable technology on the market. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers and understand that trusting your computer people is the key to guaranteeing a strong relationship. We take care of all computer-based requirements on a priority basis and let you get on with doing what you do best. We combine the best in hardware, software and systems and would be happy to manage your complete IT setup, so you can feel confident in moving forward.”



Professional IT CEO - Daniel Kolic




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