10 key services your IT provider should be doing for you

1.  They should have a Help Desk Team that has worked together for more than 5 years

Why is this so important? We mention this point a few times on our website. The number one reason most businesses come to Professional IT is because their current IT provider service levels have dropped. This is usually because they have lost key technical staff who use to know and understand the business IT requirements above anyone else. Sounds familiar.  At Professional IT, our number one competitive advantage is the majority of our technical team have been together for close to 10 years. We have a unique training and mentoring program that ensures all our new technicians and help desk staff get to understand our client's setups quickly. This ensures we retain staff, who love working at Professional IT and most importantly love working with our clients.


2.  Provide a Service Level Agreement with fast response, resolution and escalation times

Ensuring you have a strong Service Level Agreement (SLA) in place that provides true measures to provide a 100% guarantee that the service you expect is the service you will receive. We have designed our SLA to give customers the confidence they will receive a fast. prompt and reliable service all the time. 


3.  VIP support service options. Speak to the service techs you like best

With this service, you can hand select the Help Desk or Technical support technicians to assist you with your IT challenges. We provide you with your own personal silent number to call and speak to your technical person of choice. We even provide their mobile phone numbers to you if needed.  All up a personal service design to make you feel like you have your own in-house IT department. 


4.  A Computer Support and Maintenance Service that is relevant to today's IT challenges

With cloud computing becoming an everyday part of life, an organisation still needs effective IT support and maintenance of computers and equipment. Ensuring all users desktops are monitored, secured and supported is imperative in ensuring business continuity and trouble free computing. Professional IT provides as standard a range of products and services that truly provide an effective Managed IT service. Click the link below to find out more about our computer support and maintenance service.



5.  A backup and recovery service that is guaranteed, monitored & tested

Backup of business data today is more crucial than ever. With more organisations storing data off-site in the cloud, the ability to recover quickly and ensure a proper backup strategy is in place is important. Professional IT will design a backup solution which will ensure complete system recovery is possible, fast. This will minimise your business downtime and provide the confidence you have a plan to continue your business operations should you ever be in the unfortunate situation of having to rely on a backup recovery process.


6.  After hours service with mobile phone access direct to technicians

We provide our customers with a cost effective after hours service which is a pay as you use service. We will have a service technician ready to take your call and only charge for the service as you use it. This keeps your IT costs down and provides a reliable service where you can have access when you need it.



7.  A heartbeat service that alerts us to problems 24/7, so you can rest easy


Our Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) software will constantly monitor your computers and servers to ensure any problems are detected by us. We have a centralised dashboard that will monitor all devices and alert us to any errors, outages and updates required. From this central dashboard, we can provide a complete monitoring and maintenance services which flows onto providing quick support services. 



8.  Fixed price service guarantee.  Simple customised plans with no hidden extra charges


We provide a per user or per device computer support and maintenance service. This provides a fixed cost that allows business to factor in IT cost on a per user basis. This helps with budgeting for staff and understanding the true cost per staff for IT.  We provide and all inclusive service, ensuring that your IT costs remain fixed and on budget. No more IT blow outs. 



9.  Deliver proactive care and approach to ensuring your IT infrastructure is taken care of


We constantly review our customer's setups and services to ensure they are relevant and up to date. All IT strategies and solutions we put together come with a 5-year life span plan with annual reviews performed to ensure we keep on top of your IT setup. 



10.  Offer free IT consultancy and advice services as a standard


It is in our interest to ensure your IT environment remain trouble free. Our expert IT consultants can provide advice on most IT challenges that face business today.  From designing a multi-site secure network platform to migrating your business to the cloud, Professional IT consultancy service is a free offering whilst ever you are contracted to Professional IT. Why? because we care and build business relationships for the long term. 





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