"No other IT provider can match our service commitment to you"


Work from Home Solutions 

Working from home is becoming a realistic and necessary option. Professional IT can set you up to access all business critical applications.​

We can even setup your phones and provide a true portable office setup with  all the flexibility and security to move between office and home with ease.

Working from Home

Managed IT services that comply with todays IT challenges 

 25 years of IT experience brought together to provide some of Australia's best IT talent,  solutions and services.

  • We will tailor a IT Infrstructure solution to suit your organisation requirements and budget . 

  • We ensure your best interests are put first with any solution we provide to you.

  • Our thorough approach ensures the maximum return from your IT investment.

Experienced IT Consultants that can help you with 

  • Network design and security

  • Transition to cloud services

  • IT regulations, requirements and compliance

  • Appraisals of your current IT infrastructure

  • Provide free advice sessions

10 key services your IT provider should be doing for you

  1.    They should have a Help Desk team that has worked together for more than 5 years

  2.    Provide a Service Level Agreement with fast response, resolution and escalation times 

  3.    Give VIP support service options. Speak to the service techs you like best

  4.    Deliver a Computer Support and Maintenance Service that is relevant to today's IT challenges

  5.    Implement a backup and recovery service that is guaranteed monitored & tested

  6.    Provide you with after hours service with mobile phone access direct to technicians

  7.    Monitor your computers via a heartbeat services that provides alerts to problems 24/7 

  8.    Provide a fixed priced service guarantee.  Simple customised plans with no hidden fees 

  9.    Deliver proactive care/approach to ensuring your IT infrastructure is taken care of

  10.    Offer free IT consultancy and advice as a standard service


Let us make your transition to the cloud easy.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations

Let us manage your Microsoft Office 365 deployment or migration, end to end. We will complete the process from start to finish with minimal disruption to your business and staff operations. 

Amazon Cloud Hosted Services

Partnering with the world's largest cloud provider, we can offer:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Virtual workspaces

  • Hosted server solutions

  • Remote desktop solutions

  • Private cloud solutions

  • MPLS networks

  • Fibre services

Transition all or part of your business to the cloud

Moving your business to the cloud will be one of your biggest future IT challenges. Knowing when to move and what steps to take is an important part of the process.


Professional IT will help you every step of the way. Our expert cloud consultants can provide a free consulting and advice session to see if you are ready to transition to the cloud.

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Never worry about your IT security again

At no additional cost we provide a complete security package